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New online procurement platform for CERN suppliers

The CERN Procurement Service, in collaboration with the FAP Department, is launching a new e-Procurement platform

CERN procurement banner

The new e-Procurement platform allows firms interested in working with us to register information proactively about their capabilities. While the Procurement Service currently uses a mixture of e-mail, post and even fax to place purchase orders, in the coming weeks CERN will start sending orders via this new platform.

What does it mean for suppliers?

We are currently rolling out the e-Procurement platform to suppliers currently registered in our database. Firms are being asked to register on the new platform and have been informed that in the future they will need to be on the platform in order to receive orders from us.

What changes for you?

The way you interface with suppliers and the Procurement Service will not change. You will continue to use EDH to raise department requests (DR) and purchase requisitions (DAI). However, if the chosen supplier does not exist in our database you will be asked to complete a simple registration request in EDH.

During the roll-out of the portal, you may receive questions from your suppliers about their registration. Please encourage firms to register at: https://procurement.cern.ch/aspx/Home and to watch the corresponding tutorials available at: https://videos.cern.ch/record/2299878; they will not be able to work with us in the future until they have done so! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Procurement Officer.