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Passport to the Big Bang to start with a bang

A wealth of activities is on offer on the 2 June for the inauguration of CERN's scientific tourist trail "Passport to the Big Bang"

On Sunday 2 June, CERN in collaboration with its local partners will be inaugurating a scientific tourist trail – through the Pays de Gex in France and the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland – known as the Passport to the Big Bang. It promises to be busy day: a major programme of activities has been organized for local communities and visitors at various CERN sites.

The trail comprises 10 exhibition platforms above ground at key points around the ring of the Large Hadron Collider. The platforms, which explain the fundamental research conducted at CERN, are located in eight French and Swiss communes and linked by 54 kilometres of sign-posted itineraries.

On 2 June, from 9am to midday, a 54-kilometre mountain-biking rally for hardened enthusiasts will take place in the 10 stages of Passport to the Big Bang; and a bicycle tour for families will start from CERN’s Prévessin site. Sign up for free here

From 2pm to 6pm there will be a myriad of featured attractions at all stages of the circuit, including oriental dance, reptiles, music schools, Nordic walking, astronomy demonstrations, concerts and much more!

Download the full programme to plan where to go [PDF]

Can't make it to CERN on 2 June? Don't worry! The Passport to the Big Bang is a permanent exhibition, so come to CERN, ask for a leaflet and enjoy the adventure!