S'Cool LAB: Applications now open

Apply now to try hands-on experiments in particle physics at CERN. Deadline: 21 June


S'Cool LAB: Applications now open

(Image: Jeff Wiener/CERN)

S’Cool LAB, a new hands-on physics teaching facility at CERN, is offering workshops for high school students aged 16 to 19 during the academic year 2015/16.

The lab offers the chance to learn more about elementary particles and their interactions through hands-on experiments. S'Cool LAB workshops cover basic principles in physics, how to accelerate, deflect and trap particles, and how to detect particles using different methods. Students build their own cloud chambers; observe particle beams and influence them using magnetic fields, experiment with X-rays, and more.

Teachers interested in having their students attend a workshop as part of a visit to CERN should apply via the S’Cool LAB website. The first round of applications closes on 21 June.