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The Tevatron's data continue to excite

Latest results from 10 years of proton–antiproton running


The Tevatron's data continue to excite

CDF (shown here) and DØ are complex, general-purpose detectors with over one-million detection channels. (Image: Fermilab)

The beams of Fermilab’s Tevatron were shut off for the last time in 2011. Nevertheless, the analysis of data collected during ten years of proton-antiproton running continues to provide new results. Since then the CDF and DØ experiments have found evidence for the production and decay of a Higgs boson with a mass of around 125 GeV. They also have measured the masses of the top quark and the W boson and studied rare decays of B mesons, all with ever increasing precision. Meanwhile, some remaining puzzles guarantee that exciting physics from the Tevatron will continue.

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