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Wilton Park report published

October's Wilton Park meeting brought CERN physicists together with philosophers and theologians. The report from the meeting is now available


In October, a Wilton Park meeting organized in partnership with CERN enabled scientists from a range of disciplines to enter into dialogue with philosophers and theologians from the world religions about the nature of the big bang theory.

The meeting explored key topics ranging from the nature of what it is to claim to know something in various disciplines to how we handle new discoveries and incorporate them into existing approaches alongside questions about limitations to human knowledge.

Now, a report is available that pulls together brief summaries of the main points and conclusions of the conference. The report concludes that while the discussions that took place did important "ground clearing" work, more needs to be done to improve dialogue at a number of levels, not only between the various disciplines but also within them. "The interfaces of language are complex and subtle and theologians, philosophers and scientists all need to work hard to understand what other disciplines are saying in their own terms."

Wilton Park is a forum for analysing and advancing the agenda on global policy challenges, bringing international experts together under the same roof to discuss issues of topical relevance. It organizes more than 50 events each year, providing a neutral environment where conflicting views can be expressed and debated calmly.