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Help us build a better CERN website

Take a short survey to help us to improve CERN’s home website


Help us build a better CERN website

Change is coming to CERN's website. Help us to decide what the new site should do, by <a href="https://everis-exd.typeform.com/to/EYXuGv"> filling in this short survey</a> (Image: CERN)

You may, or may not, have heard that CERN is rebuilding its digital portfolio (a.k.a. the home.cern website, and the way all websites using the CERN theme look). The decision was made because our current website isn’t doing what we need it to anymore and it already (despite only being five years old) looks dated.  As the birthplace of the web we think CERN deserves something new!

The project was kicked off last month with an event hosted by Everis, the company helping us to build the new digital portfolio. Everis have used what they learnt there to put together a short quiz to help us understand what people want from the CERN website, and how best we can get that information to them. Please share it with everyone you know. We’ll be updating everyone about the web project processes in a blog, stay tuned for more information.

You can take the quiz here:https://everis-exd.typeform.com/to/EYXuGv