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CMS Create #2: Big ideas to boost CMS exhibition

After a gruelling two-day workshop, the winning prototype from the CMS Create #2 competition has been chosen

CMS Create #2: Big ideas to boost CMS exhibition

Members of the CMS Create #2 team with their winning exhibit, a pinball machine (Image: CMS Create/CERN)

After a gruelling two-day workshop, the winning prototype from the CMS Create #2 competition, which will be part of the permanent CMS visit exhibition, has been chosen.

The second edition of the CMS Create workshop was hosted at IdeaSquare from 3 to 4 October 2016. Participants formed teams and competed to design prototypes that would illustrate different aspects of CMS for the public.

The winning exhibit, the “Catch me if you can” pinball machine, will soon be displayed at the CMS visit exhibition. To play it, visitors are invited to act as if they are the CMS trigger system, collecting interesting data despite having limited storage space. The prototype will be finalised by the CMS workshop at Point 5 and installed permanently on the CMS visit circuit.  

Twenty-four designers, architects, software developers, physicists and engineers from 12 countries took part during the two-day event. During the event, the wide range of each team’s expertise was notable and, strikingly, an equal number of male and female scientists and designers participated. The event achieved perfect gender equality as well as great diversity. 

On the first day, students from IPAC Design Genève met CERN participants at IdeaSquare to start brainstorming. The scientists and designers collaborated in teams; they had just two days to invent and construct prototypes. Despite having just met and coming from totally different backgrounds, participants started to discuss and analyse ideas quickly. By the end of the second day, the teams had to present their creation to the jury.

Outreach specialists, senior physicists and engineers from CERN advised the teams and provided their support and guidance. During the workshop, the IPAC students developed their understanding of the scientific content and the CERN participants focused on how to communicate concept to the public. IdeaSquare, in collaboration with THE Port, provided them with the mechanical tools, electronics and other rapid prototyping facilities needed to bring theory into practice. 

Following two days of intensive work, the participants presented their creations to the CMS Create #2 jury, composed of: Ana Godinho, CERN’s Education, Communication and Outreach Group Leader; Dr Jay Hauser, senior physicist at CMS; Suzanne Freitas, Communication and Interactive Design Professor at IPAC; and Laurent Chateaux, Head of the Tourism Office of Gex, La Faucille.