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CERN activities capture the public’s interest at the "Fête de la science"

On 10 October, CERN took part in the “Fête de la science et de la biodiversité” (science and biodiversity fair) organised by Pangloss Labs and the town of Ferney-Voltaire


Fête de la science 2020 - Ferney-Voltaire
Science show “The mystery of antimatter”. (Image: CERN)

The Village des Sciences event held in Ferney-Voltaire on Saturday 10 October, as part of the 2020 "Fête de la science", attracted nearly a thousand curious visitors. In the gardens of the Château de Voltaire, around thirty associations and institutions had set up stands and organised activities linked to science and biodiversity.

CERN led four activities, two of which were put on by the Women in Technology community. The youngest attendees could take part in a CERN-themed treasure hunt and learn to draw like computers at the Pixel Art stand. Virtual guided tours allowed visitors to immerse themselves in the CERN accelerator complex. Thanks to the 360° panoramic photos from the Panoramas project, they were able to follow the path taken by protons from Linac 4 to the large LHC detectors.

There was a full house at both performances of the science show created by CERN. Detectives Charlotte Holmes and Keskispass (‘qu’est-ce qui se passe’) tried, with the help of the audience, to solve the mystery of the disappearance of antimatter.

Of course, the activities put on by CERN and the event as a whole were organised in accordance with the COVID-19 safety rules. The beautiful gardens of the Château de Voltaire allowed a large number of visitors to take part in the event while also observing the social distancing rules.

Life at CERN
Pixel Art workshop. (Image: CERN)
Life at CERN
Treasure hunt. (Image: CERN)
Life at CERN
Virtual panoramic tour of CERN. (Image: CERN)

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