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Andrey Loginov (1977 – 2016)

With deep regret CERN announces the death of Andrey Loginov.

Andrey Loginov (1977 – 2016)

Andrey first came to CERN in 2006 when he was working for Yale on the ATLAS experiment. Besides his work life, he was extremely active in a multitude of different areas; he made many friends and touched many lives.   

He was a high-level athlete in powerlifting and was instrumental in creating the CERN gym (Powerlifting @ CERN). It was Andrey’s design, persistence and extensive knowledge which made the dream a reality. This brought much joy into people’s lives by providing a fully furnished weights room for people to work out in at CERN. He was also very friendly and provided help and coaching to those who needed it. Besides furnishing the weights room, he was also able to organise classes with an expert powerlifting coach from his native Russia and launched a small powerlifting competition. He was an accomplished photographer and contributed many more things to CERN life such as his involvement with THE Port.

His many friends will miss him dearly.

His colleagues and friends