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Tony Shave (1951 – 2020)

Tony Shave
(Image: CERN)

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Tony Shave, a former member of the CERN personnel, who had recently retired after devoting 42 years of his life to the Organization in the fields of radiation protection and technical support.

Originally from Sussex in the UK, Tony began his career at the prestigious Rutherford Laboratory before being recruited by CERN in 1974. At this time, the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) was under construction, with an innovative network of computers spread around a seven-kilometre ring and linked to the accelerator’s control room. For 13 years, Tony worked for the radiation protection service, programming the communications software used to link the computers in the machine to the control room. We still have fond memories of Tony beavering away in the SPS control room.

In 1987, Tony joined a new division responsible for IT support for the CERN Management. Until his retirement in 2016, he was responsible for document processing, managing Mac computers and creating presentations for VIPs visiting CERN. His presentations, which were used by several Directors-General to accompany their speeches, allowed Tony to combine his IT skills with a valuable creative talent, brightening up his own career and that of others. Never intrusive, he was able to gain the trust of the Directors-General with whom he worked closely.

We will remember Tony as a reliable, thoughtful and caring colleague, who in particular took great care of the students with whom he worked. Sociable in nature, he regularly organised trips to the Alps and invited people around for meals that gained him a reputation as a great chef. We will greatly miss his positive spirit and humanity.

His colleagues and friends