103nd ACCU meeting

DRAFT Agenda for the meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 9.15am in Room 60-6-002

DRAFT Agenda for the meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 March 2014 at 9.15am in Room 60-6-002.

  1. Chairperson's remarks
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. News from the CERN Management
  5. Report on services from GS Department
  6. Progress on Health Insurance for Users
  7. Users Office News
  8. Matters arising
  9. Any Other Business
  10. Election of a new ACCU Chairperson
  11. Agenda for the next meeting

Anyone wishing to raise any points under “Any Other Business” is invited to send them to the Chairperson in writing or by e-mail.

Michael Hauschild (Secretary)

ACCU is the forum for discussion between the CERN Management and the representatives of CERN Users to review the practical means taken by CERN for the work of Users of the Laboratory. The User Representatives in ACCU are:

Austria M. Jeitler manfred.jeitler@cern.ch
Belgium M. Tytgat michael.tytgat@cern.ch
Bulgaria S. Piperov stefan.piperov@cern.ch
Czech Republic S. Nemecek Stanislav.Nemecek@cern.ch
Denmark J.B. Hansen Jorgen.Beck.Hansen@cern.ch
Finland K. Lassila-Perini Katri.Lassila-Perini@cern.ch
France F. Ferri Federico.Ferri@cern.ch
  A. Rozanov Alexandre.Rozanov@cern.ch
Germany A. Meyer andreas.meyer@cern.ch
  I. Fleck fleck@hep.physik.uni-siegen.de
Greece D. Sampsonidis Dimitrios.Sampsonidis@cern.ch
Hungary  V. Veszprémi Viktor.Veszpremi@cern.ch
Israel E. Etzion Erez.Etzion@cern.ch
Italy          G. Passaleva giovanni.passaleva@fi.infn.it
  C. Troncon Clara.Troncon@cern.ch
Netherlands   G. Bobbink Gerjan.Bobbink@cern.ch
Norway J. Nystrand Joakim.Nystrand@cern.ch
Poland K. Bunkowski Karol.Bunkowski@cern.ch
Portugal   P. Bordalo Paula.Bordalo@cern.ch
Romania  G. Stoicea Gabriel.Stoicea@cern.ch
Serbia D. Lazic Dragoslav.Lazic@cern.ch
Slovak Republic  A. Dubnickova Anna.Dubnickova@cern.ch
Spain  S. Goy Silvia.Goy@cern.ch
Sweden A. Ferrari arnaud.ferrari@physics.uu.se
Switzerland     M. Weber michele.weber@cern.ch
United Kingdom M. Campanelli Mario.Campanelli@cern.ch
  H. Hayward helen.hayward@cern.ch
Non-Member States S. Dasu dasu@hep.wisc.edu
  B. Demirkoz Bilge.Demirkoz@cern.ch
  M. Sharan manoj.kumar.sharan@cern.ch
  N. Zimine Nikolai.Zimine@cern.ch
CERN   E. Auffray Etiennette.Auffray@cern.ch
  R. Hawkings Richard.Hawkings@cern.ch

The CERN Management is represented by Rolf Heuer (Director-General), Sergio Bertolucci (Director for Research and Computing), Sigurd Lettow (Director for Administration and General Infrastructure). The Physics Department is represented by Jose Salicio Diez and Doris Chromek-Burckhart (Head of the Users Office), the Human Resources Department by Ingrid Haug, the General Infrastructure Services Department by Reinoud Martens, the Information Technology Department by Mats Moller, the Occupational Health Safety and Environmental protection Unit by Ralf Trant, and the CERN Staff Association by Michel Goossens. ACCU Chairperson: Catherine Vander Velde. ACCU Secretary: Michael Hauschild. Other members of the CERN personnel attend as necessary for specific agenda items. Anyone interested in further information about ACCU is welcome to contact the appropriate representative, or the Chairperson or Secretary (73564 or ACCU.Secretary@cern.ch). http://cern.ch/ph-dep-ACCU/