125th ACCU Meeting

Agenda for the meeting to be held on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 at 9.15 a.m. in Room Georges Charpak (Room F, 60/6-015)

  1. Chairperson’s remarks                      
  2. Adoption of the agenda                          
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. News from the CERN Management
  5. Report on services from SMB Department
  6. Report on services from IT department
  7. Reports from ACCU representatives on other Committees
    - Academic Training Committee
    - Scientific Information Policy Board (SIPB)
  8. Users' Office News
  9. Matters arising
  10. Any Other Business
  11. ACCU Meeting dates 2020 (proposal)
  12. Agenda for the next meeting

The Advisory Committee of CERN Users (ACCU) is the forum for discussion between the CERN Management and the representatives of CERN Users to review the practical means taken by CERN for the work of Users of the Laboratory. The mandate of ACCU is available on: http://accu.web.cern.ch/content/mandate

There are one or two Delegates from each Member State (two Delegates from the large Member States), one Delegate from each of the Associate Members, four Delegates from non-Member States (NMS), and two from CERN. The list of ACCU members is available on: http://accu.web.cern.ch/content/accu-members

ACCU meetings are attended by the Director General and members of the Directorate, other members of the CERN management and departmental representatives, the Head of Users’ Support and a representative of the CERN Staff Association. Other members of the CERN Staff attend as necessary for specific agenda items. 

Chairperson: Dragoslav-Laza Lazic (Dragoslav.Lazic@cern.ch)

Secretary: Michael Hauschild (ACCU.Secretary@cern.ch)

Anyone wishing to raise any points under “Any Other Business” at the upcoming ACCU meeting is invited to contact the appropriate User representative, or the Chairperson or the Secretary.