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Annual adjustments to financial benefits with effect from 1 January 2020


In accordance with recommendations made by the Finance Committee and decisions taken by Council in December 2019, certain financial benefits impacting salaries and stipends have been adjusted with effect from 1 January 2020.

Annual adjustments are the following:

  • A 0.80% increase to the scale of basic salaries paid to Staff Members and the scale of stipends paid to Fellows (Annexes R A 5 and R A 6 of the Staff Regulations).
  • A 0.40% increase to subsistence allowances (2020 subsistence rates), family, child and infant allowances (Annex R A 3 of the Staff Regulations) and to payment ceilings of education fees* (Annex R A 4 of the Staff Regulations) following the movement of the Geneva consumer price index.
  • Related adjustments will be implemented wherever applicable to associated members of the personnel (Annex R A 7 of the Staff Regulations).

The amended text of the Staff Regulations will be available shortly on the Web at: CERN Staff Rules and Regulations.

*The new payment ceilings are applicable to academic year 2019/2020.