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CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS): Changes to the Supplementary Contributions

As of 1 March 2018 the CHIS will apply a new scale for the supplementary contributions

As previously announced, as of 1 March 2018 the CHIS will apply a new scale for the supplementary contributions (see the Official Communication of 12 July 2017). This concerns present and former Staff Members or Fellows, and Beneficiaries of the Pension Fund, who are Main Members of the CHIS and whose spouse1 has:

  1. an income derived from a professional activity (i.e. income from employment or self-employment, or a retirement pension) in excess of 2500.- CHF; and
  2. no adequate primary health insurance other than the CHIS.

The supplementary contribution is a monthly lump-sum payable in addition to the monthly contribution, which is determined on the basis of the spouse’s gross monthly income according to the table below. The relevant regulatory provisions can be found in Section 2 of Chapter VII, Art. XII 1.06, V 1.02 and XV 1.04 of the CHIS Rules.

The most significant change is the replacement of the five income bands used so far to determine the supplementary contributions by a set of twelve bands. These new bands and the corresponding supplementary contributions are as follows (all amounts are monthly, in Swiss francs):

Spouse's Gross Income From (excl.): Spouse's Gross Income To (incl.): Supplementary Contribution
0 2500 0
2500 4500 170
4500 6500 267
6500 8500 365
8500 10500 462
10500 12500 559
12500 14500 656
14500 16500 753
16500 18500 851
18500 20500 948
20500 22500 1045
22500 No limit 1142


Staff Members and Fellows will be notified of their new supplementary contribution in their March 2018 payslip. Former Staff Members or Fellows and beneficiaries of the Pension Fund will be notified of any change in their supplementary contribution by e-mail or postal mail.

Questions regarding the new supplementary contributions should be addressed to the SHIPID Service: by e-mail at chis.shipid@cern.ch or by telephone at +41 (0) 22 766 43 67 (on Mondays or Thursdays between 10:00 and 12:00).

1 As per Article S IV 1.02 of the Staff Rules and Regulations, the term “spouse” includes registered partners