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Composition of the Joint Advisory Appeals Board (JAAB / CPCR)


2022 exercise

Appointed by the Director-General: Dorothée DURET / FAP (member), Valeria PEREZ REALE / TE (1st deputy), Raymond VENESS / SY  (2nd deputy). 

Appointed by the Staff Association: François DUVAL / EP (member), Nicolas SALOMON / PF (1st deputy), Silvia SCHUH-ERHARD / BE (2nd deputy). 

Dorothée Duret and François Duval have established the following list of the ten staff members from whom the Chairperson of the Commission will be chosen each time a case arises:

  • Myriam AYASS / IPT
  • François BRIARD / IR
  • François BUTIN / BE
  • Mark BUTTNER / BE
  • Etienne CARLIER / SY
  • Joël CLOSIER / EP
  • Silvia GRAU / EN
  • Pedro MARTEL / EN
  • Jens VIGEN / RCS

Mediators [see Administrative Circular N° 6 (Rev. 1) entitled "Review procedure"] will also be selected from this list of ten staff members.