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COVID-19 news: update on vaccination and self-tests

Erratum: please note that self-tests for those who have declared themselves as close contact on TRAMED are available from the Medical Service infirmary.

Further to the communication sent by e-mail on 15 September reminding you of the COVID-19 measures currently in place, we would like to share an update concerning vaccination and self-tests in the context of self-declaration on TRAMED.

COVID-19 vaccination: boosters in France and Switzerland

Our Host States have begun their COVID-19 booster vaccination campaigns. Please consult the following links to find out how to get your booster:

  1. In Geneva: https://www.ge.ch/en/getting-vaccinated-against-covid-19 (last updated on 11 October 2022).
  2. In Vaud: https://www.vd.ch/toutes-les-actualites/hotline-et-informations-sur-le-coronavirus/faq-covid-et-sante/vaccin-covid-dans-le-canton-de-vaud/ (in French only).
  3. In France: https://www.ameli.fr/ain/assure/covid-19/vaccination-contre-le-covid-19/vaccination-covid-19-mode-d-emploi (in French only, last updated on 7 October 2022).

No COVID-19 vaccination campaign is planned by the Organization.

As a reminder, however, CERN is offering the flu vaccine free of charge to all people working on the CERN site (up to 11 November).

Please note that there is no contraindication to having the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine administered at the same time. For more information, see: https://www.has-sante.fr/jcms/p_3368002/fr/covid-19-la-has-integre-les-vaccins-bivalents-dans-la-strategie-de-vaccination-pour-l-automne (in French only) and https://vaccinateagainsttheflu.ch/en-us/gemeinsam-gegen-grippe.html.

TRAMED and self-tests

If you have tested positive, are symptomatic or are a close contact, you should declare your situation on TRAMED, which has been fully automated since August.

If you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, you should declare your situation on TRAMED and follow the instructions that you receive. CERN aligns with the French rules, i.e. only one self-test is required, 48 hours after the most recent contact with the person who has tested positive. For those who have declared themselves as a close contact on TRAMED, self-tests remain available from the Medical Service infirmary.  

Self-tests are also available from the CERN Stores for stratified testing for business continuity.

Basic hygiene measures, such as hand washing, regularly ventilating offices and disinfecting, remain important to protect us against viral infections and are strongly encouraged. We would like to remind you that individuals are at liberty to choose for themselves whether to wear face masks. It is a personal choice and should be respected by all of us: whether you choose to wear a mask or not, you do not have to justify your decision to anyone. Masks, including FFP2s, continue to be made available by CERN.

To keep up to date with COVID-19 measures at CERN, consult CERN’s coronavirus information, measures and recommendations page, which is regularly updated. 

Please also consult and follow the CERN instructions on COVID-19-related health and safety measures, in particular in the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.