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Energy cheque in France: new scheme replacing the "tarif de première nécessité (TPN)"

Some members of the CERN personnel residing in France have erroneously received aid towards the payment of their energy bills, in the form of an “energy cheque” (cf. https://chequeenergie.gouv.fr), a scheme that is replacing the “tarif de première nécessité”, or TPN (“basic needs” energy price, cf. Bulletin No. 08-09/2014).

This scheme is designed to help low-income households to pay their energy (gas, electricity, heating fuel) bills (cf. the income conditions set out on the following webpage, in French: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F33667).

Members of the personnel who have erroneously received an energy cheque are requested to call the freephone number (“numéro vert”)* given on the cheque to notify the authorities that they do not wish to benefit from it.

*From France: 0 805 204 805.