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The insurances available for staff members and fellows

Staff members and fellows: did you know that different types of insurance are available to you?

We are all aware of UNIQA as third party administrator of our health insurance scheme, but sometimes less so of other types of insurance we may benefit from. Here are two particular insurance types worth considering in your life at CERN:

  1. Loss of earnings insurance:

Taking out insurance against loss of earnings grants protection against the associated financial consequences. This option is proposed by UNIQA or via the Staff Association. For reference, the cost of the premium is 0.15% of the annual salary through the Staff association and 0.17% through UNIQA.

The Staff Rules and Regulations (art. R II 4.13) state that when a person accumulates over
12 months of sick leave (other than deriving from an occupational illness or accident) during any period of 36 months, their remuneration paid by CERN is reduced. Remuneration is reduced to two thirds when the staff member accumulates between 12 and 30 months of absence and reduces to zero after the period of absence exceeds 30 months. A 12 month delay applies before benefitting from the insurance.

You can find full details, including how to apply on this site.

  1. Life Insurance:

This group insurance, available on a voluntary basis, has been negotiated by CERN with the insurance company Helvetia and offers very competitive conditions for CERN staff members and fellows. The premium, which varies depending on the age and gender of the person insured, is calculated on the basis of the amount of the death benefit chosen by the staff member/fellow (from 10’000 CHF to 1’500’000 CHF) and can be “purchased” in slices of 10’000 CHF.

Once the insurance affiliation is confirmed, all the administration will be handled automatically by the Salaries Office, and the premium deducted monthly from your salary.

The insurance contract normally ends at the retirement age for staff members (65/67 years), or when the staff member/fellow leaves the Organization. Upon retirement, under certain conditions the staff member may opt to maintain their membership.

Further details about this Life Insurance can be found on this page or contact the Salaries Office Bureau.Salaires@cern.ch, who will be happy to provide you any additional information you may need.

You can find out more about all optional insurances and benefits on CERN’s HR webpages.

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