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Introduction of a new and improved “Allianz Care” healthcare plan for CERN MPAs as of 1 January 2022


As of 1 January 2022, a new and improved Allianz health insurance plan is in place for CERN MPAs (associated members of personnel, e.g. users) and their accompanying family members (financially dependent spouse or partner and children who are living in France or Switzerland).

The new plan has replaced the previous plan that had been available since 2015. The conditions and benefits fulfil CERN’s requirements of adequate health insurance cover in Switzerland and France, as well as in any countries visited on duty travel.

Main improvements compared to the previous plan:

  • Any cover period possible between 30 days (minimum) and 1 year (maximum), with the possibility of extension
  • Lower premiums and different premiums for adults and children (80% of adult premiums). 30-days premiums for adults under the new plan: 309,09 euros (247,27 euros for children). Annual premiums for adults: 3760,61 euros (3008,49 euros for children). In case of coverage of less than a year, premiums are pro-rated accordingly.
  • Payments by credit card or bank transfer (single payment or quarterly payments)
  • Expat assistance programme, travel security service
  • Health and wellness support programme, digital health app, MyHealth Digital Services
  • Second medical opinion service

The insurance is valid worldwide, with the exception of the United States, where only emergency cover is available. No health examination or questionnaire is required and pre-existing conditions are not excluded from the cover.

To be eligible, the MPA and family members must all be under the age of 75 on the date on which their cover begins and have a valid contract of association with CERN. For future MPAs, the attestation of pre-registration of association with CERN is sufficient.

In addition to the above, cover for members residing in Switzerland without a valid Swiss legitimation card “P” is limited to an overall maximum period of 90 days.

The platform for subscription to the new plan, including a table of benefits and benefit guide, is available at: https://www.allianzcare.com/en/group-hub/cernmpa.html

See also the Users Office webpage for general information on health insurance for MPAs: https://usersoffice.web.cern.ch/health-insurance-information