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New e-learning “COVID-19 - Proximeter & Contact Tracing”

A new online course “COVID-19 - Proximeter & Contact Tracing” is available on CERN’s Learning Hub.

The objective of this e-learning is to explain the purpose and the use of the Proximeter, a proximity detecting device that will become mandatory on CERN premises from March until the pandemic is over.  

The e-learning provides more information about:

  • the contact tracing procedure, which is key to break the chain of COVID- 19 contamination;
  • the working principle of the device and data processing matters;
  • instructions to ensure proper usage of the Proximeter.

It also further stresses the importance of respecting the different COVID-19 related health and safety measures, such as wearing type 1 masks and proper venting of offices.

Completion of the online course is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

If you haven’t yet done so, please collect your Proximeter as soon as possible.