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New procedure for declaring changes in family and personal situation

The Administrative Processes Section and the HR and GS Departments have produced a new EDH form entitled “Change of family and personal situation"

On taking up their appointment, Members of the Personnel (employed and associated) are required to provide official documents as evidence of their family situation. Any subsequent change in their personal situation, or that of their family members, must be declared in writing to the Organization within 30 calendar days.

As part of their efforts to simplify procedures, the Administrative Processes Section (DG-RPC-PA) and the HR and GS Departments have produced a new EDH form entitled “Change of family and personal situation", which must be used to declare the following changes:

  • birth or adoption of a child;
  • marriage;
  • divorce;
  • entry into a civil partnership officially registered in a Member State;
  • dissolution of such a partnership;
  • change of name;
  • change of nationality or new nationality.

Members of the Personnel must create the form themselves and provide the information required for the type of declaration concerned, indicating, if applicable, any benefit from an external source that they or their family members are entitled to claim that is of the same nature as a benefit provided for in the Organization’s Staff Regulations. They must also attach a scan of the original certificate corresponding to their declaration.

The form is sent automatically to the relevant Departmental Secretariat, or to the Users Office in the case of Users, Cooperation Associates and Scientific Associates, and is then handled by the services within the HR Department. The Member of the Personnel receives an EDH notification when the change in personal status has been recorded.

The information recorded remains confidential and can be accessed only by the authorised administrative services.

N.B.: If allowances and indemnities paid regularly are affected, the next payslip constitutes a contract amendment. In accordance with Article R II 1.15 of the Staff Regulations, Members of the Personnel are deemed to have accepted a contract amendment if they have not informed the Organization to the contrary within 60 calendar days of receiving it.

Further information can be found on the 'Change of family situation’ page of the Admin e-guide: https://admin-eguide.web.cern.ch/admin-eguide/famille/proc_change_famille.asp  

Any questions about the procedure should be addressed to your Departmental Secretariat or the Users Office.

If you encounter technical difficulties with this new EDH document, please e-mail service-desk@cern.ch, explaining the problem.

- The Administrative Processes Section (DG-RPC-PA)