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Official news regarding the CERN Safety Rules

The CERN Safety Rules listed below have been published on the CERN website dedicated to the Safety Rules:

General Safety Instruction GSI-SH-4 “Protection of Workers against Noise » and General Safety Instruction GSI-SH-5 « Personal Protective Equipment ».  

These General Safety Instructions cancel and replace Safety Code A 8 and Safety Instruction IS 7, respectively. 

The General Safety Instruction GSI-SH-4  defines the obligations in matters of protection of workers from noise for organic units, owners of installations or equipment, as well as  for supervisors. The rule applies to employed and associated members of the CERN personnel. Contractor personnel remains subject to the applicable national laws, French or Swiss, as stipulated in the contract. The rule defines exposure limits but also action limits and their corresponding obligations. It encourages the organic units concerned to reduce, as much as reasonably possible,  noise at the workstation in the installations under their responsibility or neighbouring installations. 

GSI-SH-5 defines the obligations in matters of personal protective equipment (PPE) from its acquisition to its elimination. It clarifies responsibilities with respect to different categories of persons present on the CERN site (employed members of personnel, users, contractors, visitors) and between the users of the PPE and their supervisors. 

The new rules reflect principles and limits in force in CERN’s Host States. 

The CERN Safety Rules apply to all persons under the Director General’s authority.