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Private household employees: New procedure for issuing legitimation cards applicable as of 1 March 2023 | Digitalisation of the CAGI's Employment Registration Desk

Since 2011, private household employees’ entry, residence and working conditions in Switzerland have been defined by the Swiss Federal Council and are subject to the Private Household Employees Ordinance (PHEO) (see https://www.eda.admin.ch/missions/mission-onu-geneve/en/home/manual-regime-privileges-and-immunities/introduction/private-household-employees-ordinance.html).

The Swiss Permanent Mission in Geneva has informed CERN that the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs has put in place a stricter procedure, which came into force on 1 March 2023, with the aim of improving compliance with the PHEO provisions and preventing workplace disputes (see “Procedure for private household employees” on the Mission’s website https://www.eda.admin.ch/missions/mission-onu-geneve/en/home/manual-regime-privileges-and-immunities/introduction/private-household-employees-ordinance.html).

Employers should note the new conditions set out in this procedure, which stipulates that, at the time of hiring, private household employees will henceforth be issued with a legitimation card whose validity will initially be limited to three months and will thereafter be renewed annually upon presentation of, in particular:

  • proof of compulsory social insurance cover or of exemption from such cover;
  • monthly salary slips;
  • schedule of working hours;
  • proof of monthly salary payment.

In addition, the Swiss Permanent Mission has informed CERN that the Employment Registration Desk of the International Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) has become an online service: https://household.cagi.ch.

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