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Use of the car-sharing service

The continued existence of the car-sharing service requires everyone to comply with its rules of use

CERN makes vehicles available to the community free of charge through its self-service car-sharing service. This service relies on compliance with the rules of use to enable as many people as possible to benefit from it.

Unfortunately, the service is being increasingly abused.

A reminder:

  • Use of CERN vehicles for personal reasons (for example, journeys between the workplace and home or stopping to make a purchase) is strictly forbidden.
  • All CERN car-sharing vehicles must be returned to their original location at the end of the reservation period.
  • If the vehicle is no longer needed, the reservation must be cancelled.

In the event of repeated misuse (exceeding the reservation time, personal use, non-return, etc.), CERN reserves the right to ban an individual from using the service.

Operational Circular No. 4 and the conditions of use of the car-sharing service must be respected in order to ensure that this service, which is completely free of charge for users, can continue to exist.

Thank you all for your consideration.

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