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Visible wearing of a badge: instructions

From 2 May 2018, all persons present on the CERN site will be required to wear their badges where they can be easily seen.

As previously announced, it will be compulsory to wear your badge where it can be easily seen and at all times from 2 May 2018 onwards. This requirement will apply to all persons present on the CERN site. Why? How? Here are some questions and answers about the new rule.

Why do I have to wear a badge?
This measure is being introduced for a number of reasons, including improving security on site. Evidence shows that organisations with badge-wearing policies are less prone to issues ranging from petty theft to major security incidents. Although the data is not publicly available, this is the information that we have received from both of our Host States. Another good reason for wearing badges is that people tend to be less civil when they are anonymous. CERN’s Enlarged Directorate has approved this measure and appeals to the civic-mindedness of each and every individual to ensure compliance with it.

Which sites does the new rule apply to?
All the fenced parts of the CERN site.

Who does it apply to?
All persons present on the fenced parts of the CERN site:

  • Members of the personnel
  • Contractors’ personnel
  • Beneficiaries of the Pension Fund
  • Members of the Council, committees and other subsidiary bodies of CERN, and Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs)
  • Persons with special authorisation
  • Family members of members of the CERN personnel
  • Regular visitors (regular individual visitors who have submitted a substantiated request, members of clubs and visitors to the Staff Association’s kindergarten and school)
  • Short-term visitors (visitors attending an event, guests of members of the CERN personnel or participants in an organised visit)

Can I invite someone onto the CERN site?
Yes, you can still invite your friends and acquaintances to CERN. To do this, you must follow the instructions set out below, under the bullet point “visitors invited by a member of the CERN personnel”.

How can I obtain a badge?
As in the past, all persons who regularly enter the CERN site can obtain an access card after completing the requisite formalities with the services responsible for the relevant category, in accordance with the procedure in the Admin e-guide (https://admin-eguide.web.cern.ch/en/procedure/cern-access-card).

A system has been established to generate badges for occasional visitors.

  • Professional visitors or visitors invited by a member of the CERN personnel: as before, you must submit a request via the Service Desk.
  • Visitors attending a conference or other event: the conference or event must have been registered in Indico in advance. The interface now has a badge generation function. You can either ask your visitors to print their badges at home, or print them at CERN and distribute them at the entrance. Badge-holders will be issued to visitors at Reception or in Building 55. A user manual for this new Indico function is available at: https://indico.docs.cern.ch/cern/cern_access/
  • Visitors registered for a guided tour of the Laboratory: visitors must fill in their names and surnames on the registration form. Badges will be issued at Reception.

How should I wear my badge?
There are various ways to wear the badge: for example, on a lanyard around your neck, or attached to an item of clothing by means of a clip. Lanyards and clips are available at the Registration and Access Control Service (Building 55).

If your working conditions do not permit you to wear a lanyard around your neck, you can obtain an armband from the CERN Stores (Building 73). 

What should I do if I forget my badge?
If you forget your badge, you can present your carte de légitimation (Swiss card), which indicates that you are a member of the CERN personnel, or request a one-day laissez-passer from the Registration and Access Control Service (Building 55).

What should I do if I my badge is lost or stolen?
If your badge is lost or stolen, you should go immediately to the third floor of Building 55 (Service Desk) to declare its loss or theft. Your old card will be deactivated and you can have a new badge made on the ground floor of the same building (Access Cards).

For more information on badge-wearing, please contact sites-security@cern.ch.

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