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A few minutes to save yourself hours


Director for Finance and Human Resources

Mobility concerns us all. To find out just how much, the Mobility Working Group is launching a two-part survey

Mobility concerns us all. To find out just how much and to gather your ideas on how to help traffic in and around CERN flow more freely, the Mobility Working Group is launching a two-part survey. Part one is open for your input now. It will take around five to ten minutes to complete and I strongly encourage you to make the investment: your input now could save us all hours of commuting time in the long run.

In Geneva, some 40% of working people use a car to get to work, leading the State of Geneva to pursue an active mobility policy and encourage all major employers in the region to adopt more efficient and sustainable mobility practices. CERN’s Mobility Working Group is responding to this need and has already implemented a number of measures, including the installation of green mobility equipment, a car sharing initiative and the introduction of radar speed signs to monitor road use at key points around the Laboratory. The group’s main objective is to produce a CERN mobility plan outlining the measures to be implemented by 2030 to facilitate movement in and around CERN and encourage the use of efficient and sustainable modes of transport.

This is why the group is launching a survey. In order to improve mobility, we first need to understand it. Part one of the survey will identify the various mobility profiles for home-work commutes and professional travel among the people working on the CERN sites. It will feed into the second part of the survey, to be launched after the summer, which will ask you to evaluate the measures proposed by the working group based on analysis of the answers to the first part. It’s therefore very important that the first part of the survey receive responses from a strong representative sample of the CERN population to ensure that the measures proposed are effective. So please do take a few minutes to tell us about your experience and help improve mobility for all of us. Thank you very much!

To answer the survey, click here.