CERN official holidays

In accordance with Articles R II 4.38 and R II 4.39 of the Staff Regulations

Official holidays in 2024 at a glance

For full details about this year's holidays, please go here.

Date   Occasion
Monday 1 January New Year
Friday 29 March Good Friday
Monday 1 April Easter Monday
Wednesday 1 May 1 May
Thursday 9 May Ascension day
Monday 20 May Whit Monday
Thursday 5 September Jeûne genevois
Tuesday 24 December Christmas Eve
Wednesday 25 December Christmas
Tuesday 31 December New Year’s Eve

To add official holidays to your CERN Exchange calendar, follow these instructions. By doing so, you can access a provisional calendar of holidays for the following year, which is subject to change and is provided for information purposes only.

Listing image: Roman Bozhko/Unsplash