CERN Updates

The centenary of Bruno Pontecorvo

22 Aug 2013 — Far-reaching insights of Italian physicist Bruno Pontecorvo had a big impact on particle physics

Magnet movers: Replacing the last LHC dipoles

16 Aug 2013 — Watch engineers move the final replacement dipole magnets into position on the Large Hadron Collider

Open Days: Book now to visit CERN's underground facilities

15 Aug 2013 — From today, CERN will be taking bookings for visits of its underground facilities during the Open Days. Tickets are free of charge so book now!

The GHOST in the machine

13 Aug 2013 — New software based on CERN's particle simulation toolkit Geant4 is being used to assess radiation doses in cancer treatment

Tracking new physics—horse or zebra?

9 Aug 2013 — When you've got a discrepancy in the data, it might be time for theory and experiment to collaborate

Join the dots to measure antimatter

8 Aug 2013 — Help the AEGIS experiment at CERN to work out how antimatter is affected by gravity. Just join the dots!

Particle detectors for the classroom

7 Aug 2013 — Czech company JABLOTRON has released an educational toolkit based on CERN detector technology

ALICE through a gamma-ray looking glass

31 Jul 2013 — The ALICE experiment is optimized to perform in the environment of heavy-ion collisions at the LHC, which can produce thousands of particles

ClearPEM clarifies breast cancer diagnosis

29 Jul 2013 — Knowledge gained in developing particle detectors for the LHC has been used to create a dedicated PET device for breast scans

Registration opens for multidisciplinary health conference

26 Jul 2013 — Registration opens for 2014 conference uniting biology, physics and medicine for better health

Standard Model held strong at EPS conference

25 Jul 2013 — Results presented by LHC experiments give further credence to strength of Standard Model

CERN Open Days programme now available

22 Jul 2013 — Plan your visit now for the CERN Open Days in September. Tickets will be available to book from late August

European Physical Society honours ATLAS, CMS and LHCb

22 Jul 2013 — Today in Stockholm, Sweden, the European Physical Society High Energy Physics Division announced the winners of its 2013 prizes

Forty years of neutral currents

19 Jul 2013 — On 19 July 1973, physicists working with the Gargamelle bubble chamber at CERN presented the first direct evidence of the weak neutral current

CMS and LHCb to present rare B-sub-s particle decay

19 Jul 2013 — Today in Stockholm, two CERN collaborations will present measurements of one of the rarest measureable processes in physics

Highlights from EPS-HEP 2013

18 Jul 2013 — The first day of the European Physical Society's High Energy Physics conference saw precise measurements of several particles and particle decays

CERN experiments to present results at summer conferences

17 Jul 2013 — Experiments at CERN will present their latest results at two major conferences coming up over the next couple of weeks

Particle physics at the Montreux Jazz Festival

16 Jul 2013 — Rock out to riffs and head-bang to the Higgs boson as CERN heads to the world-famous music festival in Switzerland

Atomic flashback: A century of the Bohr model

12 Jul 2013 — In July 1913, Niels Bohr published the first of a series of three papers introducing his model of the atom

Future LHC super-magnets pass muster

11 Jul 2013 — Scientists in the US LHC Accelerator Research Program have successfully tested superconducting magnets needed to increase LHC collisions tenfold


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