CERN Updates

Join last hangout of series (on the dark side)

27 Jun 2013 — Join the last Hangout with CERN of this series to talk about dark matter at 5pm (CET)

20-year journey of discovery for LHC experiments

27 Jun 2013 — Conception of the LHC experiments took many years, this year three of them celebrate their 20th anniversaries

CERN’s Flückiger joins Internet Hall of Fame

27 Jun 2013 — François Flückiger inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame

Sound sculptor to begin arts residency at CERN

26 Jun 2013 — American sound sculptor Bill Fontana will begin his arts residency at CERN 4 July with a lecture – follow the live webcast

Energy for sustainable science

21 Jun 2013 — CERN, ERF and ESS launch the second workshop on energy management in research infrastructures

CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus

19 Jun 2013 — The ISOLTRAP collaboration has measured the mass of exotic calcium nuclei using a new instrument installed at the ISOLDE facility at CERN

From CERN to space - and back

19 Jun 2013 — Astronaut Ernst Messerschmid's experience at CERN was an important factor in the process that led to his becoming one of the first Germans in space

EuCARD-2 kicks off

18 Jun 2013 — EuCARD2 – an R&D project for next-generation accelerators – launched at a two-day workshop at CERN last week

Lighting the torch for ELENA

17 Jun 2013 — A ground-breaking ceremony today marked the start of construction of an extension to CERN's antimatter facility

CERN inaugurates data centre extension in Budapest

13 Jun 2013 — The Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Hungary hosts a major extension of CERN computing resources

International Linear Collider ready for construction

12 Jun 2013 — Today the Linear Collider Collaboration published technical specifications for a proposed 31-kilometre electron-positron collider

Accelerator physicists take the long view at EUCARD'13

11 Jun 2013 — In a workshop today at CERN, speakers at the EUCARD'13 meeting discussed challenges for the next 50 years of accelerator physics

Timelapse: Giant magnet flies through ALICE cavern

7 Jun 2013 — Watch a quadrupole magnet being lowered into the ALICE cavern for transportation to its required spot on the LHC

Training young physicists: a 20 year success story

6 Jun 2013 — In 1993, a new series of physics schools began in Europe, organized jointly by CERN and JINR

Recreating one of the web’s first browsers

6 Jun 2013 — CERN is organizing a two-day coding event to recreate the line-mode browser

Thirty years of the Z boson

31 May 2013 — Thirty years ago this week physicists at CERN announced that they had directly observed the Z boson

CERN Council updates European strategy for particle physics

30 May 2013 — At a special meeting in Brussels today, the CERN Council formally adopted an update to the European strategy for particle physics

CERN honoured by Prince of Asturias award

29 May 2013 — CERN today received the 2013 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research shared with theorists Peter Higgs and François Englert

Webcast: What do we get from basic research?

29 May 2013 — Watch the webcast of a panel discussion at the European Commission featuring president of the CERN Council Agnieszka Zalewska

EC and CERN support major research facility in Middle East

28 May 2013 — The European Commission and CERN have today agreed to support the construction of SESAME


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