CERN Updates

ALPHA: Novel investigation of gravity and antimatter

30 Apr 2013 — The ALPHA collaboration has published a paper describing the first direct analysis of how antimatter is affected by gravity

Twenty years of a free, open web

30 Apr 2013 — On 30 April 1993 CERN published a statement that made World Wide Web technology available on a royalty free basis, allowing the web to flourish

ALICE: Upgrade work begins

29 Apr 2013 — With the long shutdown under way, the ALICE collaboration is preparing for the next 10 years of operation

The Large Hadron Collider goes to London

25 Apr 2013 — The Science Museum in London is launching a new exhibition featuring digital detector caverns and magnets from the LHC

LHCb experiment observes new matter-antimatter difference

24 Apr 2013 — The LHCb collaboration has made the first observation of matter-antimatter asymmetry in the decays the B0s

CMS prepares for the future

23 Apr 2013 — There will be no rest at Point 5, the site of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector, during the long shutdown of the LHC

Two-beam module to drive particle beams

22 Apr 2013 — The first module of the Compact Linear Collider is being tested at CERN – with neither beam nor radiofrequency system

Animation shows LHC data processing

18 Apr 2013 — A new animation from CERN's IT department shows how LHC data is collected and sent around the world for processing

Artist turns physicists into particles at CMS

16 Apr 2013 — An art installation at CMS Point 5 transforms physicists into the particles they study

In pictures: Opening the LHC

12 Apr 2013 — This week, technicians opened up the first interconnections between LHC magnets to work on accelerator components inside

Accelerators for medicine

11 Apr 2013 — CERN signs a new collaboration agreement with industry to transfer accelerator technology to the medical field

The beginning of the universe, for beginners

9 Apr 2013 — CERN scientists team up with TED-Ed animators to bring you the first of a series of five animations about physics

The LHC at level best

9 Apr 2013 — CERN surveyors have taken new measurements of the height of the LHC magnets in the tunnel, to see how geological shifts may be affecting the machine

LHC consolidations: Insulating the magnets

8 Apr 2013 — The LHC's main magnets operate at temperatures colder than outer space – and it's time to replace the insulation on 1695 interconnections between them

AMS experiment measures antimatter excess in space

3 Apr 2013 — The international team running the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) today announced the first results in its search for dark matter

AMS to present latest results

3 Apr 2013 — At a seminar at CERN today at 5pm CET, the AMS collaboration will announce its first physics results. Watch the webcast here

An extra dimension for LHCb

2 Apr 2013 — Analysing data from LHCb in five dimensions rather than two could open up a new world of precision measurement

CRISP: Physics and collaboration

28 Mar 2013 — At the 2nd Annual Meeting of CRISP in Switzerland, CERN delegates discussed the IT challenges the laboratory faces to deal with LHC data

CMS open for business

27 Mar 2013 — Engineers and technicians have started opening the 14,000-tonne CMS detector, to let detector physicists like David Barney get to work inside

ATRAP: Never a dull moment for the antiproton

25 Mar 2013 — The ATRAP experiment presents most precise measurement yet of the antiproton magnetic moment


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