CERN Updates

Highlights from EPS-HEP 2013

18 Jul 2013 — The first day of the European Physical Society's High Energy Physics conference saw precise measurements of several particles and particle decays

CERN experiments to present results at summer conferences

17 Jul 2013 — Experiments at CERN will present their latest results at two major conferences coming up over the next couple of weeks

Particle physics at the Montreux Jazz Festival

16 Jul 2013 — Rock out to riffs and head-bang to the Higgs boson as CERN heads to the world-famous music festival in Switzerland

Atomic flashback: A century of the Bohr model

12 Jul 2013 — In July 1913, Niels Bohr published the first of a series of three papers introducing his model of the atom

Future LHC super-magnets pass muster

11 Jul 2013 — Scientists in the US LHC Accelerator Research Program have successfully tested superconducting magnets needed to increase LHC collisions tenfold

CERN and EUROVISION unite to attract “tweens” to science

11 Jul 2013 — Grants will be awarded to two production companies to develop media to get kids aged 8 to 12 interested in science

Helix Nebula and the view from space

10 Jul 2013 — Wolfgang Lengert of the European Space Agency talks to International Science Grid This Week about big data and the Helix Nebula project

CERN opens its doors to the world

5 Jul 2013 — On Saturday, 28 and Sunday, 29 September, CERN will open up its installations to the general public

The Higgs boson: One year on

4 Jul 2013 — In the first year after the discovery of the Higgs boson, physicists from ATLAS and CMS have been busy studying the properties of the new particle

Heuer tells ECOSOC: "'Co-opetition' is the key"

3 Jul 2013 — In his keynote address at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Rolf Heuer pushed investment in science, and "co-opetition"

Interactive timeline charts 20 years of ALICE history

1 Jul 2013 — An interactive timeline from the ALICE collaboration tells the story of the detector from its design to current upgrade work

Join last hangout of series (on the dark side)

27 Jun 2013 — Join the last Hangout with CERN of this series to talk about dark matter at 5pm (CET)

20-year journey of discovery for LHC experiments

27 Jun 2013 — Conception of the LHC experiments took many years, this year three of them celebrate their 20th anniversaries

CERN’s Flückiger joins Internet Hall of Fame

27 Jun 2013 — François Flückiger inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame

Sound sculptor to begin arts residency at CERN

26 Jun 2013 — American sound sculptor Bill Fontana will begin his arts residency at CERN 4 July with a lecture – follow the live webcast

Energy for sustainable science

21 Jun 2013 — CERN, ERF and ESS launch the second workshop on energy management in research infrastructures

CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus

19 Jun 2013 — The ISOLTRAP collaboration has measured the mass of exotic calcium nuclei using a new instrument installed at the ISOLDE facility at CERN

From CERN to space - and back

19 Jun 2013 — Astronaut Ernst Messerschmid's experience at CERN was an important factor in the process that led to his becoming one of the first Germans in space

EuCARD-2 kicks off

18 Jun 2013 — EuCARD2 – an R&D project for next-generation accelerators – launched at a two-day workshop at CERN last week

Lighting the torch for ELENA

17 Jun 2013 — A ground-breaking ceremony today marked the start of construction of an extension to CERN's antimatter facility


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