CERN Updates

GBAR’s antiproton decelerator installed

24 Aug 2017 — GBAR (Gravitational Behaviour of Antihydrogen at Rest) has just had a brand new part installed – an antiproton decelerator

TED-Ed: The hunt for dark matter

17 Aug 2017 — An animation made with TED-Ed to explain what dark matter is and how CERN is looking for it

ATLAS observes direct evidence of light-by-light scattering

14 Aug 2017 — Physicists from ATLAS at CERN have found first direct evidence of high energy light-by-light scattering

Hunting season at the LHC

10 Aug 2017 — With the LHC now back smashing protons together at an energy of 13 TeV, what exotic beasts do physicists hope to find?

First antiprotons in ELENA

4 Aug 2017 — The first antiproton beam has been successfully injected and circulated into ELENA, the Extra Low ENergy Antiproton deceleration ring

The ALPHA experiment explores the secrets of antimatter

3 Aug 2017 — The ALPHA experiment at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator reports the first observation of the hyperfine structure of antihydrogen

CERN know-how helps weigh the proton

2 Aug 2017 — Exploiting CERN’s know-how in trapping single particles, a team in Heidelberg has found that the proton is lighter than we thought

ICARUS lands at Fermilab

27 Jul 2017 — The neutrino detector’s road-trip comes to an end as it nestles into its new home near Chicago

Ubuntu* - a powerful motto for an important experiment

24 Jul 2017 — The first African-led experiment has taken place at CERN

Groundbreaking for an international neutrino experiment

21 Jul 2017 — Works have started today, in the USA, for the LBNF facility that will host giant neutrino detectors. Their prototypes are being developed at CERN.

HIE-ISOLDE: Nuclear physics gets further energy boost

17 Jul 2017 — After installing the third of four cryomodules, the HIE-ISOLDE facility began its 2017 physics run expecting great results

Eagle eye view of CERN

13 Jul 2017 — Follow a drone’s journey as it flies through and over some of CERN’s most interesting sites

LHC experiments delve deeper into precision

11 Jul 2017 — The world’s particle physics community is meeting this week in Venice (Italy) for the EPS International Conference on High Energy Physics

An artist peeks behind CERN’s facade

10 Jul 2017 — Laura Couto Rosado, winner of the "Collide Pro Helvetia" prize, looks forward to continuing her three-month residency at CERN

Accelerating particles - but not just for the LHC

7 Jul 2017 — The chain of accelerators that prepare beams for the LHC also supplies myriad experiments

CERN Data Centre passes the 200-petabyte milestone

6 Jul 2017 — The CERN Data Centre passed a major milestone on 29 June 2017 with more than 200 petabytes of data now archived on tape

LHCb announces a charming new particle

6 Jul 2017 — The LHCb experiment has reported the observation of a baryon containing two charm quarks and one up quark

Slovenia becomes CERN Associate Member State

5 Jul 2017 — On 4 July 2017, the Republic of Slovenia became an Associate Member State of CERN in pre-stage to Membership

Happy 5th anniversary, Higgs boson!

4 Jul 2017 — Five years ago, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations announced the discovery of the Higgs boson

The LHC racks up records

30 Jun 2017 — The Large Hadron Collider has established a new record of luminosity, delivering a huge amount of data to its experiments


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