CERN Updates

Chicago sees floods of LHC data and new results at ICHEP

5 Aug 2016 — Particle physicists are showcasing a wealth of brand new results from LHC experiments at CERN, at the “ICHEP 2016” conference in Chicago

Explore LHC data on new ATLAS educational platform

1 Aug 2016 — The ATLAS experiment at CERN released data from 100 trillion proton-proton collisions in the LHC in 2012

The LHC takes a break before heading to new heights

28 Jul 2016 — After two months at full throttle, the LHC is taking a short break to allow various studies of its operation

First call for proposals for the SESAME light source

27 Jul 2016 — On 27 July, SESAME, the new synchrotron facility for the Middle East and neighbouring countries, announced its first call for experiment proposals

New furnace a step towards future collider development

18 Jul 2016 — A new tool for building superconducting magnet coils for High-Luminosity LHC and future particle accelerators arrives at CERN

CERN welcomes Romania as its twenty-second Member State

17 Jul 2016 — On 17 July 2016, Romania became the twenty-second Member State of CERN

Milan exhibition opens doors to particle physics enthusiasts

13 Jul 2016 — On 13 July, a new exhibition about CERN in Milan, Italy will welcome people from all corners of the globe

LHC performance reaches new highs

8 Jul 2016 — The LHC has chalked up a series of new records, providing its experiments with a torrent of new data

Want to make a splash? TEDxCERN needs you

6 Jul 2016 — This year’s TEDxCERN invites you to satisfy curious minds worldwide by hosting a webcasting event

Make your own Higgs Boson pizza

5 Jul 2016 — To celebrate the fourth birthday of the Higgs boson announcement CERN invites you to make your own particle-based pizza

New wings give ICARUS flight for second neutrino hunt

4 Jul 2016 — The ICARUS detector is being refurbished at CERN, before being sent to the US in search of sterile neutrinos

Help the Higgs find its siblings

4 Jul 2016 — A new citizen science project gives sofa-scientists the chance to search for previously undiscovered particles

LHCb unveils new particles

1 Jul 2016 — The LHCb collaboration announces the observation of four “exotic” particles from its analysis of the LHC data

First beam enters unique AWAKE experiment

17 Jun 2016 — The first ever beam has been sent through AWAKE as part of the testing and commissioning of the experiment

Happy Birthday SPS!

17 Jun 2016 — 40 years ago this week, the Super Proton Synchrotron accelerated its first particles

LHCP2016: latest results from the LHC experiments

16 Jun 2016 — The LHCP2016 conference presents new physics results on data collected in 2015 at the LHC

CERN and INFN encourage new Italian business network

16 Jun 2016 — CERN and INFN, the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, sign BIC agreement to support businesses in developing physics technologies

South Korean artist wins two month COLLIDE residency at CERN

15 Jun 2016 — South Korean artist, Yunchul Kim has won the 2016 COLLIDE Award to spend a two month residency at CERN

Winners of 2016 Beamline for Schools competition announced

13 Jun 2016 — Two teams of high-school students, from Poland and the UK, will travel to CERN in September to conduct experiments using a CERN accelerator beam

Data harvest in the LHC

2 Jun 2016 — Higher intensity beams are circulating in the LHC providing more and more collisions to the experiments


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