CERN Updates

LHC: preparations for a new season of physics

15 May 2017 — Adjustments to the thousands of pieces of equipment making up the LHC are ongoing before data taking can start for 2017

LIVE: ESA astronauts answer questions on physics in space

12 May 2017 — On Friday 12 May at 4:30pm CEST, we will be live on Facebook, from the CERN Data Centre, with three European astronauts answering your questions

SHINE software shows data using virtual reality

11 May 2017 — New software allows you to visualise in 3D exactly what tracks particles leave inside the NA61/SHINE experiment

Watch drone footage of CERN's data centre

10 May 2017 — Drone freestyle and racing world class champion Chad Nowak came to CERN to record acrobatic footage

A brand new linear accelerator for CERN

9 May 2017 — At a ceremony today, CERN inaugurated its linear accelerator, Linac 4, the newest accelerator acquisition since the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

CERN CASTs new limits on dark matter

1 May 2017 — The CAST experiment at CERN announces new limits on the properties of axions, exotic particles that are candidates for dark matter

The LHC has restarted for its 2017 run

29 Apr 2017 — For the first time this year, the LHC is circulating beams of protons, following a 17-week-long extended technical stop

Who switches on the LHC?

29 Apr 2017 — We meet Rende Steerenberg, who is the group leader for the accelerator and technical teams

CERN and American Physical Society sign SCOAP3

28 Apr 2017 — The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN1) and the American Physical Society (APS2) signed an agreement today for SCOAP3

New ALICE results show novel phenomena in proton collisions

24 Apr 2017 — Published in Nature Physics ALICE reports proton collisions sometimes present similar patterns to those observed in the collisions of heavy nuclei

SPS: last injector back up and running

24 Apr 2017 — The Super Proton Synchrotron is the last accelerator that had to awaken before the restart of the Large Hadron Collider in 2017

LIVE: Ask the scientists at ATLAS what the next year holds

18 Apr 2017 — Join our scientists live in the ATLAS control room today, 19 April 2017, at 17:00 on Facebook

LHCb finds new hints of possible Standard Model deviations

18 Apr 2017 — The LHCb experiment finds intriguing anomalies in the way some particles decay

The accelerators awaken

13 Apr 2017 — The accelerator chain and the experiments that it serves are gradually awakening after the extended year-end technical stop (EYETS)

What happened while the LHC slept over winter?

10 Apr 2017 — A round up of the upgrades and maintenance during the 2016/2017 extended year-end technical stop

Arts at CERN announces four new artists in residency

6 Apr 2017 — The winners of the four artist residency awards for 2017

Retired MRI scanner gets new life studying the stars

4 Apr 2017 — Magnet from re-commissioned Australian MRI scanner used to help scientists understand star explosions

Ancient particle accelerator discovered on Mars

1 Apr 2017 — CERN and NASA scientists today revealed the presence of the largest particle accelerator ever built

Webcast: How does CERN power UNOSAT's humanitarian efforts

31 Mar 2017 — On 31 March 2017 at 11:00 the manager of UNOSAT, will give an overview of the variety of activities carried out by the organisation since 2001

Silicon sandwiches feed LHC’s upgraded collision appetite

29 Mar 2017 — CMS high-luminosity LHC upgrade requires new silicon sensors, to better distinguish between particles from multiple collisions


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