ATLAS PhD Grant continues its support of up-and-coming talents

The three new laureates will receive supervision and training from ATLAS experts as well as funding for their studies

2020 ATLAS PhD Grant Award Ceremony
ATLAS PhD Grant Awards are given to the 3 winning students, Albert Kong, Prajita Bhattarai and Hassnae El Jarrari, by Peter Jenni (CERN & Society Foundation, and co-funder of the Grant Scheme) and by Alexandre Zeller (Partner of Bank Lombard Odier, the main donor of the 2020 Grants) (Image: CERN)

Prajita Bhattarai, Hassnae El Jarrari and Albert Kong are the newest recipients of the ATLAS PhD Grant. During the ceremony on 27 February 2020, the students were presented with certificates by Peter Jenni, who is also Deputy-Chair of the CERN & Society Foundation, and Alexandre Zeller, Managing Partner of Lombard Odier.

Under the auspices of the CERN & Society Foundation, the ATLAS PhD Grant offers students from all over the world a unique opportunity to enhance their doctoral studies in a one-of-a-kind research environment under the supervision and training of ATLAS Collaboration experts. Students receive two years of funding for their studies, spending one year at CERN and another back at their home institute.

The ATLAS PhD Grant was established by former ATLAS Spokespersons Fabiola Gianotti and Peter Jenni, using the award money from the Special Fundamental Physics Breakthrough Prize that they received in 2013. Now in its seventh year, the grant relies upon private contributions under the framework of the CERN & Society Foundation. Two of this year’s recipients were supported by Bank Lombard Odier & Co., building upon a partnership that began in 2019 to support six ATLAS doctoral students over a three-year period.

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