TEDed and CERN team up to animate cosmic rays

AMS physicist Veronica Bindi narrates a quirky explanation of particles from outer space


How cosmic rays help us understand the universe (Video: Veronica Bindi/TEDed)

How cosmic rays help us understand the universe is the first video in a series of three, short physics-related lessons created by TED-ED and CERN for the TEDxCERN event held on 25 September 2014. In this video, Veronica BindiAMS physicist at CERN – takes us on a journey through space to understand where cosmic rays come from and how they act as space messengers by bringing us physical data from parts of the cosmos beyond our reach. Read more about making this video on this TEDed blog

Stayed tuned for the next video in this series later this week.

For more info on this years event see http://tedxcern.ch where the videos for this year’s talks will soon be available.