Sign up now for Raspberry Pi day at CERN

The next Raspberry Pi programming day at CERN is on the 5 October 2013


The next Raspberry Pi programming day at CERN is on the 5 October 2013. There will be live demonstrations of projects by members of CERN and guest speakers from Google and Ibisense. There will also be a walk-in tutorial session throughout the day, to encourage programming and for more questions. The day will be in French and English and cater for all levels of ability, from beginners to experts. The agenda includes introductory material, as well as more advanced topics. More project ideas and extension boards will be available during the tutorial session. There will be programming examples using Scratch, Python and C, and demonstrations of interfacing using breadboards, general purpose expansion boards (Gertboard, PiFace), FPGAs, and the PIC microcontroller. The day will also feature the Raspberry Pi camera module and an USB controlled robotic arm. If you have your own Raspberry Pi or would like to find out more, please sign up. We would like to hear about your project ideas and educational uses of the Raspberry Pi too.