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CERN and Elsevier conclude a Read and Publish agreement to start in 2021

It is now easier for CERN authors to publish open access in Elsevier journals

Following agreements with IOP and Springer Nature in 2020 and with IEEE for 2021, the CERN Scientific Information Service (SIS) has struck a new, innovative agreement with another major publisher: Elsevier. Read and Publish deals encompass open-access publication of CERN articles (publishing) and access to journals that are behind a paywall (reading).

CERN and Elsevier have a long, common history of open-access publishing, but this three-year Read and Publish agreement is the first of its kind with the publisher. It covers the open-access publication of research articles submitted by CERN-affiliated corresponding authors and CERN collaborations in Elsevier outlets in the domain of physics or engineering, as well as access to subscribed journals.

The new Read and Publish agreements, together with the continued support of the SCOAP3 collaboration, mean that the vast majority of CERN articles are now published open access, which ensures a smooth and transparent workflow for the authors.

Visit the SIS website for more information on agreements with publishers.

Please send any questions to open-access-questions@cern.ch