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Defibrillators and emergency equipment in the LHC and SPS tunnels

In the event of a medical emergency in the tunnel during LS2, use the defibrillators and emergency equipment available at the LHC and SPS access points

Defibrillators and emergency equipment in the LHC and SPS tunnels
(Image: CERN)

Following discussions between the HSE-OHS/SV/ME-FB, EN-ACE/DHO and EP/ADO services, it was decided to install first-aid equipment and defibrillators at the bottom of the access shafts of the LHC and SPS tunnels for the duration of LS2.

This equipment is already operational and consists of 16 first-aid kits and defibrillators: nine in the LHC and seven in the SPS.

This substantially improves the level of safety, notably in terms of assisting any victims of accident or illness located underground during technical stops.

(Image: CERN)

Everyone, even those who are not trained in first aid, can use this emergency equipment to reduce the delay in assisting the victim while waiting for the emergency services to arrive*. The equipment must be used ONLY in the event of an emergency.

By installing this new equipment, CERN has greatly increased its number of defibrillators, which now stands at 53.

*In the event of an accident or illness, the first few minutes are decisive. Call the Fire and Rescue service without delay: +41 22 76 74444.