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Further relaxing of COVID-19 measures at CERN

Some of the COVID-19 restrictions on the CERN sites, such as the obligation to wear masks and proximeters at all times, had already been lifted with the move to level 1 (green) of the COVID scale on 14 March.

The improvement of the health situation in the region now allows further relaxing of the protection measures, as follows:

  • Meeting rooms are back to full capacity (as of 3 May)
  • People with COVID-19-like symptoms should still self-declare on TRAMED and may come on site until test results are available: they are obliged to self-isolate only should their test be positive (as of 12 May)

However, contact case follow-up remains in place. A flowchart to determine whether you are a close contact is available here. If you are a close contact or have symptoms, you should continue to declare your situation via TRAMED and follow the instructions that will be given to you by the Medical Service. Where required, testing will continue to be provided, by invitation only, at Building 57 (the infirmary).

Basic hygiene measures such as hand washing and disinfecting remain important and are strongly encouraged.