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Introduction to the “International Masterclasses” education programme on 1 December [Online only]

Introductory Masterclasses announcement
Introductory Masterclasses announcement (Image: CERN)

“International Masterclasses” is a programme coordinated by the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, which gives high school students in 60 countries the opportunity to be particle physicists for one day by analyzing real data from particle physics experiments with researchers.

In the Introductory Masterclasses, participants can try out data measurements from the Belle II e+e- collider experiment at KEK, the Darkside experiment at Gran Sasso, the MINERvA neutrino experiment at Fermilab or a Particle Therapy Masterclass, to gain the knowledge required to become a Masterclass tutor for high school students.

When: Tuesday, 1 December, at 13.30 and 14.15 
Where: via Zoom