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Mentoring@CERN: A new and unique mentoring programme for the CERN community

The LHC Early Career Mentoring Committee and CERN’s Women in Technology group have teamed up to launch a new and unique mentoring programme: Mentoring@CERN.

The pilot phase of this initiative, which aims to promote professional development and support within the CERN community, is set to commence on 15 April.

Who can participate?

If you're associated with CERN through a contract, whether as staff, fellow, student, user, PART, or external contractor, you're eligible to join. You don't have to work for the LHC experiments or be a woman to take part.

There are no age or career level restrictions, ensuring that anyone can apply to be a mentor or mentee. We carefully pair mentors and mentees on a case-by-case basis with personalised matches.

Timeline for 2024

Registration for the pilot round opens on Monday 15 April 2024 and closes on Wednesday 15 May. By the end of May, you'll receive news about your match.

A kick-off meeting will take place in June, where we will share more information about mentoring best practices and helpful tools to jumpstart your mentorship experience.

How to participate?

Applying here will take less than 5 minutes.

Simply fill out the registration forms for mentors and/or mentees and attach your CV and a short cover letter. Your application will be carefully reviewed to find the perfect match for you.

Behind the scenes

The WIT mentoring programme, established in 2018, focused on pairing mentors and mentees with a special emphasis on female mentees. Meanwhile, the LHC Early Career Mentoring Programme, launched in 2020, connected mentors and mentees working on various LHC experiments.

Inspired by our shared vision, we are combining forces to merge the programmes, uniting our strengths to provide mentorship opportunities to the whole CERN community.

Information session

Whether you want to share your expertise or seek guidance to navigate your career path, we hope Mentoring@CERN will offer a unique experience.

If you are not sure what the programme can provide or if have questions you would like to ask, we invite you to attend our information session on 25 April at 12:30 CET: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1403801/