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A streamlined procedure for obtaining dosimeters

The HSE-RP Dosimetry service launches a new optimised dosimeter request process in ServiceNow


The Dosimetry service supplies some 11 000 dosimeters annually for gamma and neutron radiation monitoring of individuals accessing CERN radiation areas during the course of their professional activity at CERN (radiation workers). The people monitored include employed and associated members of the personnel, contractors and temporary personnel. To obtain a dosimeter, radiation workers must complete the relevant radiation protection safety courses and provide the requested documents.

The process has now been streamlined in ServiceNow with a simple and straightforward form in order to ensure that all steps are duly completed prior to collecting the dosimeter at Building 55. This process will guide radiation workers on the different steps to complete prior to collecting their dosimeter, thus reducing waiting times and optimising their experience. It will also help the Dosimetry service better anticipate and manage the volume of requests.

If you need a dosimeter or wish to request a dosimeter for a third party, whatever the CERN status and the type of dosimeter needed, please ensure you first complete the ServiceNow form online. Once submitted, we will process your request and inform you as soon as the dosimeter is ready for collection at Building 55*.  The form may also be accessed via the CERN Campus App, under “Campus Life”, “Dosimetry”.

If you already own a dosimeter of the DIS type, the process remains unchanged: you will continue to receive annual email reminders to exchange it.

The HSE-RP Dosimetry service


*Note: All services located at Building 55, including the Dosimetry service, are due to move to new premises in Building 33 on 1 August. Further information will be communicated in due course.