Users' website to be archived 7 May

The default homepage we see within CERN will be archived on 7 May - visitors to coming from CERN IP ranges will be sent to the new website


From 7 May you will see the new CERN website whenever you access or, no matter whether you are inside CERN or outside CERN.

What's new

Be prepared. Have a look around the new site and become familiar with it. Note in particular:

  • The directory is where you can search the phonebook, find information about services, search for a building, and find CERN websites and applications you commonly need to access
  • CERN people is where you can find updates and announcements for the CERN community
  • Scientists is where you can find information for scientists such as seminars and events, recent publications and updates

You might find it useful to bookmark these pages now, and set one as your browser's default homepage.

Accessing the old homepage

This website will remain available as an archive - although it will no longer be maintained or updated - at

Feedback and problems

To give feedback on the new website, such as suggestions, comments or questions, use this form.

To report a problem please use this service portal form.