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Watch: safety concerns us all

Watch this new video from the HSE department on how you can help make CERN a safer place to work


CERN strives for excellence in matters of safety, which covers occupational health and safety, the safe operation of CERN’s installations and the protection of the environment. Prevention is at the heart of this endeavour.

To raise awareness and support the effort to make CERN a safer place for everyone, the HSE unit publishes safety flyers and posters, such as the newcomer safety awareness flyer, recalling the basic prevention principles and the people and services that provide support in matters of safety. The video below is the latest of these communications and aims to remind everyone of the variety of hazards present on the CERN site and the prevention measures to adopt.

General safety communications by the HSE unit are complemented by more specific information provided by the departments and the LHC experiments, tailored to their activities, the specific risks these entail and their organisation.

Safety starts with all of us. During our workday we encounter a variety of hazards, from the general to the more specific. Common risks, such as trips and falls or incidents involving our movements around the site, concern us all, while more specific hazards depend on the workplace and/or the nature of our activities. It is thus important to stop and think before beginning an activity and then act, taking account of the risks involved and the corresponding mitigation measures.

Watch this video to see what you can do to improve safety at CERN. (Video: CERN)