Aspen Center for Physics announces upcoming conferences

Applications are now open for eight conferences in topics from exoplanets to the Higgs boson

The Aspen Center for Physics (ACP) today announced details of its upcoming Winter and Summer Programmes for 2013.

The workshops are for all physicists from postdoctoral researchers to Nobel laureates. Applications for the winter conferences are due by 15 October to 30 November, depending on the conference. Summer applications are due by 31 January 2013 and are available on the ACP website.


Topic Conference title Conference Dates Application deadline Applications
Biophysics Single molecule biophysics 6-11 January 2013 15 October 2012 Apply
Condensed matter physics Topological states of matter 13-18 January 2013 30 October 2012 Apply
Astrophysics Physical applications of millisecond pulsars 28 January-3 February 2013 15 November 2012 Apply
Astrophysics Closing in on dark matter 19-24 January 2013 15 November 2012 Apply
Particle physics New directions in neutrino physics 3-9 February 2013 30 November 2012 Apply
Astrophysics Exoplanets in multi-body systems in the Kepler era 9-15 February 2013 30 November 2012 Apply
Particle physics Higgs quo vadis 10-16 March 2013 31 December 2012 Apply
Various Aspen Center for Physics summer programme 26 May-15 September 2013 31 January 2013 Apply


Find out more about each conference in the posters below: