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The Automnales: ten days of success

Tens of thousands of people visited CERN’s stand at the Automnales, where they were welcomed by enthusiastic volunteers


The Automnales: ten days of success

The CERN stand was designed to resemble a particle collision, at the centre of which visitors could take a virtual-reality tour. (Image: Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan)

On Sunday, 19 November, the curtain came down on the Automnales, bringing to a close ten days of activities and exchanges at CERN’s magnificent blue stand. Some 145 000 people attended the fair, and most of them stopped at the CERN stand. There, they learnt about fundamental science by taking part in activities and workshops and meeting volunteers, who shared their passion for research. 114 workshops, shows and presentations complemented the continuous activities. 159 pupils came especially to visit the CERN stand, as did around 150 elderly people each morning. A huge thank you to the 172 volunteers who welcomed, guided and informed the public with great enthusiasm. Relive the event in pictures.

A journey through time and space. At the opening, two eras collided as the Geneva Yodelers, in traditional costume, took a futuristic virtual reality trip into the LHC and the CMS experiment. (Image: Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan/CERN)
You don’t have to be called Ronaldo to play proton football. Teenagers take their best shot! (Image : Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan/CERN)
The 114 workshops and shows that took place over the ten days were very popular. In this image you see one of the workshops dedicated to robot programming. (Image: Maximilien Brice, Julien Ordan/CERN)
CERN isn’t selling anything at this trade fair, just offering up knowledge and surprises. Visitors wanting to take home a souvenir had a choice of sugar packets bearing scientific facts or a temporary tattoo proclaiming “I love protons” or “my mother is a supernova”. (Image: CERN)
The CERN exhibition sparked numerous exchanges between CERN volunteers and the Laboratory's neighbors. A mutual discovery. (Image: CERN)
Physics is fun, and sometimes so surprising that it makes your hair stand on end. This is what spectators experienced at the very popular electric show, animated by the Physiscope of the University of Geneva, CERN’s partner during the Automnales. (Image : CERN)
A big thank you to the 172 volunteers who communicated their enthusiasm to the visitors, and sometimes gave themselves up to some jokes. (Video: Jacques Fichet)