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CERN modernises its recruitment process

The HR department has adopted a new recruitment tool that will enhance the recruitment process both for CERN and for candidates


The Human Resources (HR) department is in the process of implementing a new tool that will improve the way in which CERN recruits students, fellows, staff and associates. Modern, flexible and efficient, the SmartRecruiters software meets all the needs of CERN’s recruitment team, and its future users will put it to the test in the coming months. “It will take several months to set the software up and adapt it to CERN’s specific characteristics,” says Anne Capodici, the project leader in the HR department. “We will do that by working in close collaboration with our colleagues in the various departments in order to optimise our recruitment processes together.”

After 13 years of good, loyal service, CERN’s previous recruitment tool, e-RT, has reached the point where it no longer meets the Organization’s needs. In particular, it doesn’t have the flexibility to respond to CERN’s ever-growing recruitment requirements and lacks mobile functionality. SmartRecruiters, on the other hand, offers an intuitive and user-friendly integrated mobile recruitment platform combining all the different applications into a single package. “More and more candidates are now using their mobile devices to view and apply for job vacancies,” says Anna Cook, deputy project leader in the HR department. "So it’s essential for CERN’s recruitment system to offer a mobile platform.”

SmartRecruiters will also improve and speed up interactions between the various people involved in the recruitment process at CERN, allowing them to achieve more in less time. “Our current recruitment process is not completely standardised, which makes it slow and tedious,” Capodici explains. “SmartRecruiters will allow everyone – the employers in the departments, the HR recruiters and the candidates – to collaborate and interact efficiently by connecting to one single platform.”

With its modern design and numerous functions, the SmartRecruiters platform mirrors CERN’s image as a modern laboratory at the cutting edge of its field – an image that will no doubt attract candidates.