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CERN’s values and respect in our daily working lives

What does ‘respect’ mean for you in your daily work?


Respect underpins CERN’s five values: integrity, commitment, professionalism, creativity and diversity. Taken together, these values form the basis of respect for others, for the Organization and for its mission. In 2010, building on its values, CERN established its Code of Conduct, a guide to help us, as CERN contributors, better understand how we are expected to conduct ourselves and treat others and how we should expect to be treated. “Respect @ CERN” then became the driving force for a project led by Geneviève Guinot, then Diversity Programme Leader, in which HR, the Ombud, HSE, the Design and Visual Identity team and the Relations with the Host States service worked together to create a series of short videos, to showcase situations covering the five values.

CERN’s values and respect in our daily working lives
Excerpt from the video covering the value "commitment". 


James Purvis, head of CERN’s HR department, feels the videos complete the picture: “CERN’s values and the Code of Conduct have been embedded in the fabric of the Organization since 2010. These complementary videos are an invitation for us all to reflect on the way our behaviour can impact our working environment and to think about how we can contribute to creating a respectful and inclusive working environment”.

The videos are now available on https://cern.ch/hr/cern-values. All videos are designed to be accessible for people with disabilities.