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Discover the hidden treasures of CERN’s archive

9 June is International Archives Day and an opportunity to browse CERN’s rich archive

International Archives Day, 9 June, is an opportunity to discover treasures from our shared heritage. The CERN archives contain some 1000 metres of shelves filled with letters, notes and reports. CERN also preserves a large number of films, photos, videos and objects. These precious nuggets contain 63 years of CERN’s history and are a chapter in the unique story that is scientific adventure.

CERN also owns the scientific archive of 1945 Nobel prize-winning physicist, Wolfgang Pauli. This small, but historically valuable, collection was donated by Pauli’s widow who, with the help of friends, tracked down originals or copies of his letters. His correspondence, with Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein and others, provides an invaluable resource and insight into the development of 20th century science.

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