Google Street View to continue imaging CERN

Tomorrow a team from Google will continue the process of taking street images on CERN’s sites

Google Street View is an integrated service of Google Maps, introduced by Google in 2007. This service allows users to navigate virtually through streets and to enjoy a 360° panoramic view. Here are just a few examples.

CERN and Google have joined forces to create a panoramic virtual tour of the CERN site and those of its experiments on Google Street View and Google Maps. Google has already taken some shots on the Meyrin site and inside certain experimental facilities.

In Junea team from Google began the process of be taking street images across all of CERN’s sites using, among other things, a bike-mounted camera system known as the “Street View Trike”. The team will take images of CERN's Prevessin site tomorrow. These images will then be uploaded exclusively into Google Street View and Google Maps, with CERN’s consent. Please note that Google will not publish anything without prior approval from CERN.

To facilitate this filming work, you are kindly requested, should you come across the Google film crew, to go about your business normally (or keep your distance, should you prefer) and refrain from displaying or carrying banners or any kind of message, especially of a commercial or private nature.

Google has undertaken to blur out all faces and vehicle registration-plates appearing on the images filmed at CERN to ensure they cannot be recognized.

Many thanks in advance for your collaboration.